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Welcome to the Bluezon Design portfolio where you will see some examples of our work
This portfolio contains a range of our design projects including web design, company branding and promotional
material design.

G.M. Road Contractors
Website Design

G.M. Road Contractors came to us with the ambition of getting an informative, simplistic website that also captured the essence of the company with colours & logo as well as pictures of work. The result is a website with plenty of relevant pictures, limited but informative content and a colour scheme that keeps the companies individuality.

G.M. Road Contractors - Website Design

Hutchison UPVC Fitters
Website Design

HUPVC Fitters came to us with the brief of creating a website that is informative, basic, but not boring. The finished result is a design that in its self is quite basic with neutral colours that compliment the blue of the logo and links bar. With text and pictures layed out in a way that is clear, to the point and draws interest, the design delivers on all fronts.

Hutchison UPVC Fitters

HQ M.O.T Centre
Logo Design

HQ M.O.T Centre wanted a logo to help launch the company, give the company individuality and inform people of the services available. The finished product is a clear logo with a boxed off finish to the 'HQ' to give it real emphasis as well as informative custom made icons showing what services they offer.

HQ M.O.T Centre - Logo

WM Road Contractors
Website Design

WM Road Contractors' idea was to have a website that stands out among other road contracting websites. The design we came up with incorporates the stand out company colours of yellow & black so that their existing logo fits in with the rest of the site. The main focus of the site is a large image that immediately grasps the idea of road surfacing.

GM Road Contractors - Website Design

Pole Seductions
Flyer & Business Card Design

Pole Seductions approached us with the brief to design flyers & business cards that are powerful, stand out and are consistent with the companies image.
The final result is 2 pieces of artwork, each using just the basic colours of black, white and minimal dark pink. Both designs are centered around the large company logo.

Pole Seductions - Flyer & Business Card Design

HQ M.O.T Centre
Website Design

HQ M.O.T Centre required a single page website to advertise the services that they offer. They wanted it to be simple and straight to the point, but also informative. The page that we produced incorporates the company colours and keeps the theme created from the logo.

HQ M.O.T Centre - Website Design

WeatherShield from Miller & Sons Roofing
Folded Leaflet Design

Weathershield came to us with an outline of how they wanted their information set out on an A4 folded to A5 leaflet. Our task was to design a stylish theme working with specific colours to put the information within. The end product is a leaflet that gives a reliable & professional impression as well as being stylish and eye catching.

WeatherShield from Miller & Sons Roofing - Folded Leaflet Design

Plobid Limited
Logo Design

Plobid required a bright logo that would be versatile to go with any type of website design. Bluezon Design worked continuously with Plobid and produced a canvas of ideas for Plobid to choose from. The chosen logo is based solely on the name with the white block outline allowing it to fit in and not look out of place on any background, dark or light.

Plobid - Logo Design

E B Road Surfacing
Website Design

Bluezon Design were recommened to
E B Road Surfacing for excellent web design at competitive prices, so we were delighted to oblige by producing a sharp, stylish and informative website. The silver to white background is finished off nicely with minimal orange and black as well as the large top right image that draws the eye.

E B Road Surfacing - Website Design
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