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Welcome to the Bluezon Design portfolio where you will see some examples of our work
This portfolio contains a range of our design projects including web design, company branding and promotional
material design.

Flyer Design

This flyer was designed to promote Bluezon's online job advertising websites, &
Our colleages at Bluezonjobs wanted an eye catching design that portrayed the identity of the 2 websites, as well as delivering a simple & clear message to the target audience.

Bluezonjobs- UKstudentjobs Flyer Design

Miller & Sons Roofing
Website Design

The Miller & Sons Roofing website has been designed to be simple, clean and easy to use. The site is set out in blocks with the Miller & Sons branding the focal point of every page, with the information underneath. The design and layout of the site gives a professional image of the company.

Miller & Sons Roofing - Website Design

Oopez Solutions
Logo Design

Oopez Solutions were a new company that wanted to launch themselves into the ICT sector by having a sharp & professional looking logo. The finished product was a clean, crisp, simple looking logo that gives out a friendly & professional feel.

Oopez Solutions Logo

Bathroom Innovations from Plumbersmate UK
E-commerce Website & Logo Design

Our brief was to create a reliable, secure, but stylish e-commerce website for Plumbersmate UK to sell their bathroom products on, as well as an eye catching logo. The design incorporates Plumbersmate UK's identity with the fresh looking colour scheme & simplicity in terms of the logo & layout.

Bathroom Innovations from Plumbersmate UK - E-commerce Website & Logo Design

Website & Logo Design

Plobit is a price comparison site that compares prices on thousands of day to day products from leading retailers in the UK. The branding & design needed to fit in with the concept of 'this is not just any old website' and with the sharp colours & stand out logo as well as the user friendly, well organised setup, definately portrays this.

Plobit - Website & Logo Design

Plumbersmate UK
Business Card Design

As you can tell by their name, Plumbersmate UK deal in trade plumbing supplies. The idea was to come up with a design for business cards that can target both trade and the public. We achieved this by designing the back as a reflection of the front design with opposite colours.

Plumbersmate UK - Business Card Design

Abbcare Roofing
Website & Logo Design

We were approached by Abbcare Roofing & asked to produce a logo & website that could advertise their service, be colourful, unique & standout. The end result is a simple layout with a standout image & colours at the top that draws attention straight away. The logo design is simplicity with minimal colours to contrast the website design.

Abbcare Roofing - Website & Logo Design

Website Design

Roofshield approached us and asked us to put together a design for a website that is professional, easy to navigate and that fits in with the style of the company logo. The end product is a stylish looking neutral coloured site with easy to use categories that leaves a big impression on visitors.

Roofshield - Website

S.I.S North Cumbria
Website Design including CMS

S.I.S is a self injury support charity based in Carlisle. They wanted an easy to use website that was an improvement on their existing site as well as a content management system included. The final design is an easy to navigate, stylish site that keeps the charity's original identity with the large purple hand image a feature of every page.

SIS Cumbria - CMS Website
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